New Study Confirms Racial And Ethnic Disparities Develop Before Kindergarten

Written by: Reagan Flowers, Ph.D. It is more important than ever to addressing disparities early on in a child’s education is re-affirmed with a new study revealing drastic racial and ethnic learning gaps as early as kindergarten. The research found achievement at 13%-16% for White kindergartners displayed advanced science or mathematics versus just 3%-4% of Black or […]


Addressing Barriers for Multilingual Students

Written by: Reagan Flowers, Ph.D. As a STEM community, we know that our economically disadvantaged students, minorities, females, and disabled students continue to face barriers. However, as we continue our mission to ensure success in STEM for every student, there is another quickly growing group of students we need to consider: multilingual students. These learners […]


Big Steps Backward for Early Learning

Written by: Reagan Flowers, PhD Having passed the sixth-month of the impacts of COVID-19, we’ve now seen schools close and reopen. We’ve seen the cancellation of standardized tests. We’ve seen parents and students struggling to keep up and get the resources they need, especially the most economically disadvantaged families and minorities. Now we’re seeing something […]