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STEM: An Economic Imperative
Disrupting Traditional Models
Innovate to Transcend Barriers

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Standing-Up & Standing-Out
Talent Pipeline Development
High Skills and High Stakes
Social Enterprises
Creating Systems-Level Change

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A great speaker can influence their audience in numerous ways. They can inspire, motivate, and guide their audience to achieve the impossible, illustrating strategies necessary to help them transcend any obstacle. Audiences should feel like they can change the world after listening to someone speak with great projection, grace, and confidence. A remarkable speaker will leave a powerful impression on audience members. An impactful discourse can have lasting and beneficial effects long after the stage lights have dimmed. Dr. Reagan Flowers has successfully inspired hundreds of students and professionals who are seeking to embrace STEM and to not feel a sense of intimidation.

Below you will see how Dr. Flowers’ speaking engagement can help entities of all kinds find a new passion for STEM.


Disrupting the Traditional: Innovation & Education

Great educators work tirelessly to provide the best instructional methods and strategies to help students receive and retain STEM-related knowledge and skills. They research by reading various instructional manuals and books, analyze how to incorporate STEM into a very time-constricted curriculum, and test which STEM lessons are working, and which ones are not. Sometimes, educators need some guidance and inspiration in different ways. Dr. Flowers can provide to educators, in person, ways to help them eliminate and/or reduce the concerns they face when teaching STEM. Dr. Flowers can help educators embrace communication strategies that will help them teach STEM more effectively. This will ultimately inspire students to become fearless. Dr. Flowers can communicate with educators and will answer questions and concerns that teachers may have. All will be answered by having Dr. Flowers as your speaker.

If you are a school district, higher education institution, or organization who is searching for an impactful speaker to help motivate your staff or faculty, get ready to disrupt the traditional! Dr. Flowers will inspire your teachers/staff to incorporate approaching STEM in an interdisciplinary way and making use of innovation to help your students transcend in STEM and beyond.

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STEM Meets Entrepreneurship

STEM Industry Professionals

If you are already working in or pursuing a career in a STEM field, thank you for taking the plunge. Engineers, scientists, developers, mathematicians and beyond. STEM is broad and our industry is consistently changing and it is that constant quest for better that helps other industries and society evolve and progress. We are the creators. We are the innovators. At times, possibilities seem endless which can feel overwhelming. How do we keep pursuing the new, how do we innovate the innovated? Dr. Flowers understands these challenges and she can speak to your concerns — present and yet to be experienced.

Entrepreneurs: Current and Transitioning

Leadership is not a role taken lightly. Whether you've been in business for several years, just starting out, or thinking of taking the plunge Dr. Flowers understands the challenges and struggles of leadership. For-profit or non-profit Dr. Flowers can speak to both structures. Another arena that our society has been encouraging is Cause-Driven Entrepreneurship (also known as Social Entrepreneurship). This means that, in addition to generating revenue and profits, people are getting into business or forming organizations with the intention of making a difference. Dr. Flowers' mission is to empower and provide you with the tools to help others make a difference.

Dr. Flowers: STEM meets Entrepreneurship Speaker

Let Dr. Flowers share her experiences, struggles, and lessons with your company or organization to help your employees, colleagues, and peers navigate and persevere throughout their careers.

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STEM Inspiration, Embracing the Spirit

There are many industry professionals who want to help students find a passion for STEM but don't know how. Unfortunately, many schools do not have the necessary tools to help students get and stay on track to become future STEM professionals and this lack of resources can discourage students from STEM-related fields. Without the proper tools, it's hard to instill excitement and interest in the unfamiliar. Luckily, many organizations and businesses want to help these young minds and work to fill that gap. Dr. Flowers has spent much of her career helping and inspiring students to pursue a path that includes STEM and has perfected incorporating STEM in an interdisciplinary way. Her passion will help spark a fire, so your students can embrace the spirit and become our next generation of STEM leaders and professionals.

Whether you are a higher education institution, school district, company or organization, Dr. Flowers can help inspire your students to eliminate their fears, change their perceptions and help them strive for excellence in STEM.

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STEM and the Future of Work

Dr. Flowers has a considerable amount of research experience through her various articles that have discussed many diverse topics within STEM. She has written STEM pedagogy with an emphasis in using communication strategies to provide effective instruction. She has also written about how obtaining a STEM education provides an economic advantage and how it improves the quality of life for many. Her research experience has propelled Dr. Flowers as an expert in her field. She uses her knowledge and expertise to provide guidance and advice to students, educators, and professionals. She works tirelessly to change the perceptions of STEM that certain individuals may have and advocates for an accessible STEM curriculum that will inspire learners of such disciplines to become the next generation of STEM innovators, thinkers, and professionals.

Dr. Flowers at the WHite House with Joe Biden

If you would like to listen for yourself and obtain great insight from Dr. Flowers, consider having this distinguished STEM expert for your next event. Hear for yourself, the wealth of knowledge she has obtained.

Dr. Flowers has inspired educators, professionals, and students across the globe through her engaging and innovating discourses. If you are an educator or other professional that is searching for inspiration and guidance in STEM, consider collaborating with an individual that has over 25 years of experience as an educator and STEM leader and advocate.

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