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Meet Reagan Flowers, PhD
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The journey that Dr. Reagan Flowers took to become an innovator, pioneer and ultimately President and CEO of C-STEM Teacher and Student Support Services, Inc. was certainly not a simple feat. There were obstacles that Dr. Flowers had to overcome to achieve her status as one of the leading educational figures in the United States. It all started in Detroit, Michigan where she was raised. As she grew older, she moved to Cleveland, Mississippi to start a new life. During this period of time, she was retained in the second grade and promoted to the fifth grade without knowing how to multiply. The challenge was great, but it did not stop her fight to persevere and continue to push through even in the face of adversity. Her will to continue even with such hurdles allowed her to complete her high school education in three years. She then was able to continue her college education. She was the first person in her family to graduate from college.

Dr. Flowers began her professional journey as an educator at Jack Yates High School, located in Houston, Texas. A grant from NASA was the spark that helped jumpstart C-STEM. This grant enabled her students to build a robot. This extraordinary opportunity allowed Yates to create its first robotics team. Dr. Flowers realized how powerful it was to use communication strategies to help students learn how to retain knowledge. Incorporating communication strategies in the classroom was just as important as teaching STEM. While working towards completing her doctoral program, she was inspired by the events that occurred at Yates to start a social action research project. This research project was then transformed into her current non-profit organization, C-STEM. The mission of C-STEM is for students to obtain complete mastery of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics by embracing communication and engaging in interactive projects that stimulate curiosity and help foster interest towards entering these fields. By securing such interests, new generations of STEM professionals will help communities across the country prosper for years to come.

Throughout her years as the leading figure in C-STEM, she has impacted teachers, professionals, and students from all walks of life. The programs she has designed and implemented have impacted urban, suburban, and rural communities across multiple states across the nation including Texas, Michigan, Maryland, Illinois, and Mississippi. She has been able to manage over $10 million in funding for special programs that help support the development of exceptional STEM instructional leaders, as well as integrating specialized technological tools and resources that help educators and students alike achieve a greater understanding of STEM. She has worked with the most prominent individuals that include national thought leaders, school district leaders, public servants, and community development strategists. One of the most important aspects that differentiates Dr. Flowers amongst other STEM professionals is that she is a strong advocate of inclusion and diversity within this field.

Throughout her speaking engagements and her work as a leading figure in STEM, Dr. Flowers advocates for racial and ethnic minority as well as female engagement. Her contributions to education and making STEM a more accessible field for all has been recognized nationally and internationally. She was recognized by the White House as a STEM Access Champion of Change. She has also received recognition as the Top Educational Innovator of the Year by IAOTP,  a World Innovation Summit on Education finalist, and as one of 100 Women Leaders in STEM for her work towards closing the gap in STEM achievement that has impacted ethnic minorities and female students.

Dr. Flowers has degrees from Texas Southern University, Prairie View A & M University of Texas, and Union Institute & University. She resides in Houston with her husband and enjoys the culinary arts and traveling throughout the world.

Dr. Flowers has inspired educators, professionals, and students across the globe through her engaging and innovating discourses. If you are an educator or other professional that is searching for inspiration and guidance in STEM, consider collaborating with an individual that has over 25 years of experience as an educator and STEM leader and advocate.

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