Big Steps Backward for Early Learning


Written by: Reagan Flowers, PhD

Having passed the sixth-month of the impacts of COVID-19, we’ve now seen schools close and reopen. We’ve seen the cancellation of standardized tests. We’ve seen parents and students struggling to keep up and get the resources they need, especially the most economically disadvantaged families and minorities. Now we’re seeing something new, and equally concerning — students who aren’t beginning school at all.

At the beginning of this school year, Kindergarten enrollment rates were down across the country. In Los Angeles alone, there are 6,000 less kindergartners this year. As we’ve discussed before, areas with the lowest incomes and least resources are struggling the most, and that’s where enrollment is declining most.

It’s not just Los Angeles. Across the country, many kindergarten classes are down by about 10%. Whether in Florida or Hawaii, again the highest drop rates are happening in the schools with the most low-income students.  Read the full article…

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