U.S. Government Addresses Lack of Diversity in Cybersecurity

Written by: Reagan Flowers, Ph.D. Change often takes much longer than any of us would like, especially regarding diversity and inclusion. However, this month, the White House took a big step forward in appointing an expert to increase diversity in tech. They didn’t just choose anyone, but a black female Google executive, who understands first-hand the challenges […]


Data Science is Needed in the Classroom

Written by: Reagan Flowers, Ph.D. Though data science may seem like a popular catchphrase in tech, it’s much more than that. Data science is being used across many industries and is a skill that is rapidly expanding to every career field. Re-evaluating how we teach science and math in the classroom will play a big part in […]


Promising STEM Careers Don’t Always Require a Degree

Written by: Reagan Flowers, Ph.D. Do high-paying STEM careers require college degrees? Here at C-STEM, we focus on K-12 STEM education, often with the goal of a college degree. Ultimately, we strive to give underrepresented students the opportunities they need to establish fulfilling careers and turn the tide for the next generation of students. However, […]

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More Than Ever, Our Youth are the Future

Written by: Reagan Flowers, PhD It’s no secret that our planet’s natural resources have been declining at an increasingly alarming rate.  A recent study showed that the effects of pollution and destruction of nature could quickly reach a critical point, in just decades. Tomorrow’s leaders could be directly responsible for ensuring the resources that fill […]