How the Government Can Address Education Needs

Written by: Reagan Flowers, PhD

It’s a new year, and even more importantly, a new administration has stepped in. Following drops across the board in enrollment in 2020 — from Kindergarten to college — it’s time to take a serious look at the opportunity to improve education for the future, especially concerning STEM for economically disadvantaged students.

Learning gaps and disparities were a significant concern before COVID-19. The pandemic has taken these extremes to new levels. It has also created new issues, like delayed elementary school enrollment and disengagement amongst those who do not learn well in a remote environment. On the other hand, education during the pandemic has spotlighted just how deep the imbalances in education run. In most cases, a student from an impoverished area does not have the same resources, technology, or support at school or home that a student from a higher-income neighborhood. Read more…

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