Summer was Made for STEM


Written by: Reagan Flowers, PhD

Throughout the year, educators work hard to give their students the STEM foundation they need to prepare for successful futures. The summer months may be a time to rest and relax, but parents can also help their children prepare for the upcoming school year with STEM activities during the break. Not only will it keep their minds fresh, they will have the chance to rediscover the joy and creativity STEM projects inspire, without the pressure of grades.

Some projects you can easily implement at home include:

  • Working together to grow a successful vegetable garden
  • Using free online software to create a website or YouTube channel
  • Researching areas of interest at your local library
  • Exploring fractions and conversions in the kitchen (by doubling or halving recipes)
  • Watching  fun documentaries about how things work

These are just a few examples. Everyday life presents endless opportunities to discuss how science, technology, engineering, and math make our world work and will continue to improve our future.

Think of what most excites your child, and how you can extend that into a learning moment. Is there an aspiring inventor in your house? Help him or her learn what it takes to move  an invention from idea to reality. Is your child fascinated by animals? See if you can volunteer together at an animal shelter or foster a pet over the summer.

You don’t have to have all the answers. Learning  together will not only be fun, it will keep your child’s mind sharp and show them that you welcome an  adventure and value their curiosity. As a STEM community, we all do our part, and the encouragement that begins at home builds a strong foundation that  lasts a lifetime.

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