Looking at the Whole Picture


Written by: Reagan Flowers, PhD

Continually improving our schools is necessary and highly impactful; however, it doesn’t tell the whole story.  As referenced in the article, Better Schools Won’t Fix America, school inequality is based on much bigger issues and takes a closer look at why schools in some neighborhoods have more impressive resources and technology than others.

It  is important to point out that a good school can’t account for disadvantages at home. Take Wi-Fi for example. Today’s students are expected to complete and submit projects digitally, as that’s how the world is trending. If a student does not have access to internet or a computer at home, the digital submission of homework assignments is mission impossible. 

To achieve school equality resources must extend beyond students to their families.  We must tackle much larger issues at play that perpetuate school inequality. For instance,  issues with inflation, minimum wage and pay inequality must be addressed at the federal level. In the meantime, supporting grassroots efforts that give every one of our students and their families the best chances for success is our most powerful option.

Empowering families where they live, work, learn, and play  improves their quality of life. And, what happens when home life improves, school life improves. This is how we can help fix school inequality.

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  1. Celeste Chizer September 29, 2019 Reply

    Dr. Flowers is a true visionary. It is my belief that Dr. FLOWERS IS THE MISSING LINK IN EDUCATION. Dr. Flowers is the real deal and I support her in the race for HISD School Board.

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