Global Committee of Scholars Recognizes CSTEM Inc. as Finalist for 2011 WISE Award

CSTEM was recognized as one of the 20 finalists for the 2011 World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) Awards. CSTEM was chosen by a committee of leading education experts for its success in identifying, promoting and implementing best practices that strengthen education strategies.  (
If chosen as one of the six winners, CSTEM will be awarded a cash prize and the opportunity to share their story to over 1,000 world leaders and advocates in education at the 2011 WISE Summit: “Transforming Education: Investment, Innovation and Inclusion” in Doha, Qatar on November 1-3rd. The Awards finalist’s and winners will act as a reference and set new standards for the international community.
Dr. Flowers, graciously noted, “I am humbled and thankful for this opportunity. I see this important recognition as a testament that our efforts at CSTEM can and will have a significant impact on STEM education in our world—because we’re helping prepare our future generation of STEM leaders for a rapidly evolving global economy.”

Innovative Thinking Leads to Innovative Actions

Innovative Thinking Leads to Innovative Actions, which result in creative solutions that otherwise might not have derived from a preplanned strategy in a binder on your shelf, or a folder in your computer.

By Reagan Flowers, PhD

CSTEM subscribes to the notion that students must learn how to think critically and creatively, just as much as they need to learn math and science. One solution to reducing the dropout rate, developing competitive STEM students, and increasing the number of students, particularly minority and female students engaged in the pursuit of knowledge in math and science is creating more classrooms that thrive on real-world learning experiences that support applied knowledge, skills, research, and discovery. Schools must subscribe to learning environments that teach students how to approach problems from multiple perspectives, combining various approaches to developing innovative solutions. Similar to how CSTEM is working to assist Pre K-12 schools with transforming STEM classrooms and learning environments, Roger Martin of the Rotman School of Management is doing the same but with students in the business school. (more…)